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Potash West Reports Construction and Operation of Small Scale Plant for Lithium Production

Potash West (OTC:PWNNY,ASX:PWN) announced that Lepidico Ltd. used a small scale plant to produce lithium carbonate from a lithium-rich mica called lepidolite, thereby constructing and operating a continuous process operation. Potash West (PWN) owns 25% of Li-Technology Pty Ltd, with 75% owned by Strategic Metallurgy Pty Ltd. (SM). PWN and SM will be transferring ownership of Li-Technology to Lepidico in exchange for shares.

South Boulder Mines Release Resource Estimate for Colluli Project in Africa: 1.1 Billion Tonne Ore Reserve

South Boulder Mines (ASX:STB) announced its resource estimate for the Colluli Potash Project in Eritrea, East Africa: 1.1 billion tonnes of potassium bearing salts at 10% potash comprising 287 million tonnes proven and 820 million tonnes probable ore reserve, with a contained sulphate of potash of approximately 205 million tonnes.

Mosaic Announces Share Repurchase Authorization

The Mosaic Company (NYSE:MOS) announced today that its Board of Directors approved a new share repurchase authorization in the amount of $1.5 billion, allowing Mosaic to repurchase Class A or common shares, through open market purchases, accelerated share repurchase arrangements, privately negotiated transactions or otherwise.

South Boulder Mines’ Project in Eritrea is in “a favorable environment for investors”

Eritrea was featured in online magazine Geeska Afrika. The article enumerates benefits to potential investors, particularly in the mining industry. One of the projects mentioned in the article is South Boulder Mines' (ASX:STB) Colluli Project, located in the Danakil Depression in South East Eritrea, which is a joint venture between South Boulder and the Eritrean National Mining Company.