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DuSolo Signs Deal for Discount Phosphate

DuSolo Fertilizers (TSXV:DSF) announced its signed an agreement to purchase phosphate from a fertilizer producer at a discounted rate. According to the agreement, DuSolo will buy 33,071 tonnes of phosphate rock at C$22 per tonne, for a total amount of $751,636 from a producer located in close proximity to its Bomfim project in Brazil.

South Boulder Mines Reviews Financial Model for PFS

South Boulder Mines (ASX:STB) announced the completion of an independent review of the financial model which will be used to assess the financial viability of the Pre-Feasibility Study for the Colluli Project in Eritrea, East Africa. A reconciliation of cash flows was conducted against key provisions of the Colluli Mining Company Shareholders’ Agreement, as well as a review of tax and depreciation against operating jurisdiction completed. The Pre-feasibility study is on track for completion in February.