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DuSolo Fertilizers Continues to Make Sale Deals for DANF in Brazil

Since making the decision to establish itself as a domestic fertilizer supplier and producer in the Cerrado area of Brazil, the world's fastest-growing agricultural region, DuSolo Fertilizers has made huge progress. Here's a look at what the company is up to at the moment.

5 Top Potash Stories for Q1 2015

The potash space has been facing difficulties for some time, and 2015's first quarter was quite the roller coaster ride. Still, many remain positive, and Potash Investing News' top five stories from the last three months shows that a slew of market participants are still optimistic about the market.

Saskatchewan Government Increases Potash Tax; PotashCorp Responds

PotashCorp has already stepped forward to express its disappointment with the news. It pointed out that "changing the rules midstream impacts the ability of our shareholders to earn a fair return on their capital and undermines Saskatchewan’s relative competitiveness."